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Solar LED Outdoor Lamp 7 Colours with Sensor Light

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2000 mAh

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  • Multicolour Lighting: The solar LED lamp offers 7 different colours, providing vibrant, customised lighting for any outdoor space.
  • Integrated Light Sensor: Equipped with a light sensor that automatically turns the lamp on at dusk and off at dawn, optimising the use of solar energy.
  • Solar Powered: Runs entirely on solar energy, eliminating the need for wires and reducing electricity consumption, ideal for sustainability.
  • Weather Resistant: Designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, ensuring durability and consistent outdoor performance.
  • Easy Installation: With no need for wires or electrical connections, this lamp is easy to install in gardens, patios, pathways and other outdoor spaces.

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PACKS : 2 Pack
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Enjoy wireless lighting and save on your electricity bill. This lamp is solar powered thanks to an integrated photovoltaic panel that captures sunlight during the day to provide spectacular illumination at night. With 7 different colours, this LED lamp can switch between various shades to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion, whether it's for parties, events or simply beautifying your garden or patio.

Equipped with smart sensors, the lamp automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn, providing convenience and energy efficiency. Made from durable, water-resistant materials, this lamp is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Installation is easy and hassle-free. With no need for cables or plugs, simply place the lamp anywhere that receives direct sunlight. Its versatile and portable design allows for quick and easy installation.

The 7-Colour LED Solar Light is the perfect choice for those looking for a colourful, efficient and environmentally friendly outdoor lighting solution. Transform your outdoor space with this innovative lamp and enjoy evenings full of colour and light.


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2000 mAh
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Out of stock
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  •     Ready to install.
  •     Roll of 5m of strip to extend the length of the complete kit (model 1722).
  •     Can be connected directly to the mains with a plug connector (temporarily not available).
  •     No transformer required. No light loss.
  •     Dimmable with controller and RF control for 220V Monochrome LED strip (model 1738), not included.